Veröffentlicht am 04.11.2016

Shockheaded Donald & Hillary alone at home

Home alone sat Hillary,
her lungs were sick and ill was she!
Her temperature went higher and higher,
then her poll ratings caught fire!

For this reason she’s been crying lately,
asking: „why does everybody hate me!?
What do you mean? I’m such a retard
and Michelle is such a sweetheart!?

She’s so clever, smart and all neat
and I’m too close to wallstreet!?
Why would that be something bad!?
Oh, and the affair I had

with Monicas friend Bill
(now, there is someone I could kill -
I won’t go into details)!
And what about my emails!?

I just wrote them and klicked “send“!
Blablaba establishment!
I know: my biggest downside
is not that I’m not browneyed,

but everybody –he or she–
is more popular than me!
Is there really not a chance
to find one I could win against?“

Look! How about a billionaire
with no clue but funny hair!?
A „10“ as wife and many exes,
who doesn’t like to pay his taxes!?

Who’s talk offensive, sick and mean is,
who’s bragging on about his ... „BEEP!“
Who’s decency is minus zero,
insulting parents of a hero!

Who’s temper always overheats
like his phone from all the tweets:
„Hillary should go to jail!“
„Can someone shoot and please don’t fail!“

Immigrants? Let’s build a wall!
The mexicans will pay it all!
With women I get touchy
(and very muchy in the crotchy)!

I like to grab their fruity peaches!
Oh, and my wife can copy speeches!
Will I accept the outcome
of the election if I’m outdone?

Democracy? Hey, no offense!
But I’ll keep you in suspense!
Well, Trumpy-boy is trying hard
to play his designated part,

when he says, what he implies is:
Obama founded ISIS!
Terrorists and enemys?
Let’s take out their families!

He just did what was expected,
just to create –as I suspected–
for Hillary –if not respected–
a tiny chance to get elected!

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